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Promotional Products

By definition, promotional products, promotional merchandise, promotional items, product media, or advertising gifts, sometimes nicknamed schwag or swag, are articles of merchandise, usually displaying a logo or slogan, used in marketing programs. They’re generally given away to promote a brand, company, entity’s image, or special event, usually at trade shows, conferences, and as part of guerrilla marketing campaigns.

What you may not realize is that year-to-year studies, conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute, continue to show that promotional products’ reach and cost effectiveness are greater than most every other advertising medium.

In other words, if you aren’t using promotional products to promote yourself and your business, you may very likely be wasting your advertising dollars.

Pens as Promotional Products

89% of Consumers received a Promotional Product in the past 6 months. After receiving a Promotional Product, 8 in 10 researched the brand, and 83% were more likely to do business with the brand.

Did You Know?

Based on the Promotional Products Association International’s 2017 Consumer Study, compared to ANY OTHER advertising channel, PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS leverage the greatest reach, drive recall and fiercely resonate to engage the BEST reaction among consumers. They ranked as the BEST form of advertising to prompt action across all generations. To the right are some of these findings. For more facts about promotional products check out this blog article.

Received a promotion product in the last 6 months

Keep promotional products

More likely to do business with the brand
Had a more favorable impression of the brand
mints as promotional products

Trophy Award Company offers thousands of the most cost effective and innovative promotional products to increase your brand impact and leave a lasting impression. Browse our Promotional Products Shop to find the perfect promo product or give us a call at 888-875-0882 and one of our expert representatives will be very happy to assist you. We can help you make selections from our shop website or we can locate the perfect item and tailor it to your specific branding needs for promoting your business or event.

Never worry how to supply artwork for your selected promotional product. We understand this can often be confusing and frustrating. We’re here to help you through the process and even have expert graphic designers on staff who can do the work for you. Don’t hesitate to call us or email us!

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