Tipping the Scale – How Promotional Products Compete in a New Era of Advertising

The Hut Tote BagOriginal PDF of how Promotional Products compete in a new era of advertising
Reference: PPAI.ORG
Written by Moumita Das, research coordinator at PPAI
Posted June 9, 2017

Some excerpts from this pdf article:

More than ever, consumers today are driven to avoid ads. A reported 91 percent of consumers believe ads are more intrusive today compared to two or three years ago, and 87 percent agree there are more ads in general. They are making decisions in everyday life that revolve around whether they will be interrupted by unwanted distractions, such as paying for ad-free services.

Earlier this year, PaigeFair reported that mobile ad-blocking software has grown to an estimated 380 million users and 236 million active desktop devices, indicating “interruption” as the leading reason for consumer use. PaigeFair also reported a staggering 74 percent of consumers will abandon websites that require them to disable their ad-blocker software. An evolving challenge for marketers is overcoming ad-blocking in order to successfully connect with the target audience.

PPAI’s study shows nine in 10 consumers recall the branding on promotional merchandise they have received—and it’s 67 percent higher than broadcast advertising and 78 percent higher than online, print and mobile advertising. It’s clear that promotional products pave the way for brands on the consumer path to purchase.

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